Beauty Blender Set


This is one of my favorite beauty discoveries of all time. (The credit for this discovery goes to Birchbox and POPSUGAR). It's amazing how much a tool can improve the look of your makeup!

Here is how it works: You wet the Beauty Blender sponge until it expands and then squeeze out the excess water. Then you use the pointed end to apply your foundation, bb cream, etc. on face by dabbing it on. (I put a dime size amount of my foundation on the back of my left hand and then dab the beauty blender in it as I go).

This process manages to give you just enough coverage without any streaks or other telltale signs of makeup brush or finger application.  Once you're done, clean the Beauty Blender with the cleanser, and then let it air dry. (I've tried regular hand soap as a cleanser with this sponge, but it doesn't work nearly as well as the Beauty Blender cleanser, so I recommend buying a set that comes with the sponge and the cleanser).